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Monday, May 19, 2014

Kitchen Planning Pointers in Orange County

The kitchen is a room you spend a lot of time in. If it functions well, life is on track. If it's difficult to work in, you'll start and end your day stressed Kitchen Planning Pointers in Irvine Orange CountyBuilt-in dining table in the kitchen as part of planning your kitchen remodelDining area builtin as part of a kitchen remodel with an island in orange County California With today's emphasis on casual living, cooking and eating habits have changed and the kitchen design reflects this. For a start, there is less need for a separate dining room — today's kitchen is often an open-plan space that's being made to perform a multitude of tasks, such as entertain friends, supervise the children's homework and run the house as ‘the family business’. To make the best use of your space, identify all the activities that will take place there, both cooking and non-cooking, and then allocate the zones. Food Perparation area in a kitchen remodeling & planning pointers in Laguna Hills Orange County Food preparation Preparing and eating food is the center of the action in a kitchen. Try to gear the design of this area to the type of food being prepared: fresh and fast warrants long countertops with easy access to the fridge and freezer. Worth considering, too, is how many cooks there will be in the kitchen. Plan the countertop storage so it can take knives, chopping boards and utensils. Food storage should be only a step away. Cooking with Stove Top in a kitchen remodel and planning pointers in Laguna Beach CaliforniaCooking Area and planning & design of kitchen remodel in Newport beach californiaLuxury High end kitchen remodel showing the cooking area with high end stovetop in Laguna Beach California Cooking This zone depends entirely on your preferred cooking style. Today, there's more emphasis on grilling food, as well as wok and stovetop cooking, and the consequent multi-burners and indoor barbecues have expanded the potential of the cooking zone. Singles and the time-poor can get by with only a cooktop and microwave, but if you cater for more than five people or you like to entertain, give space to at least one oven or a heavy-duty range. Designing an eating area in Kitchen Planning & remodel pointers in Laguna Niguel Orange countyDesign & Plan eating area in a kitchen remodel Irvine orange county Eating area Open-plan blurs the boundaries between food preparation and eating areas, so you may want to give back a degree of privacy to the dining area. Consider locating the table away from the mainstream of kitchen activity or partially screening it from the view of people moving through the open space. Locate a cupboard for storing glasses, china and so on near the dining table. And before you buy a dining table remember to measure it to make sure it will fit in the room. Cleaning up - Kitchen Planning & Remodeling Pointers in Orange CountySelecting a custom sink for a kitchen remodel & planning in Laguna Beach Orange County Cleaning up Washing up becomes easier if you choose a sink or dishwasher based on the amount of cleaning up you generally do. Even with a dishwasher, you'll still need a deep sink for washing pots and large platters. To move and work comfortably, allocate up to 1 ½ feet of space on the active side of the sink and above the dishwasher. If you install a smaller rinsing sink as well, this will extend the space. The sink area itself demands lower cabinet storage for cleaning supplies, perhaps a bin for food scraps and a container for recycling cans and glass. Entertaining Zone Integerated in part of planning & designing kitchen remodel in Newport Beach Orange County Entertaining zone Today, the question of where to entertain is answered quite simply: in the kitchen. Bound up as it is with an increasingly informal style of eating, the kitchen can be dressed up or down, depending on the party. If you enjoy giving cocktail parties, assign the breakfast bar another job. If you have large gatherings, make the focus of your entertaining the dining table and extend the mood to other areas of the living space. For television viewing, restrict the size and position of the set so it doesn't intrude when guests are around. And if you're the consummate entertainer, allocate storage for wine, a drinks cabinet and a spot for CDs, DVDs and videos. Design & Plan storage area for a kitchen remodel in Aliso Viejo Orange CountyStorage space planning & design in a kitchen remodel San Clemente Orange County Storage Appropriate storage should be planned around the activity zones of sink, cooktop and fridge. Plan a mix of cabinets, shelves, drawers and cupboards. Storage requirements essentially depend on whether you like eating in or eating out. If you cook with plenty of fresh produce, you may not need a large pantry, but you will need storage areas away from the hot and steamy cooktop. For the busy family or the convenience cook, a well laid out pantry is imperative. Functional storage is all about organization and access; when starting from scratch, sit down and make a list that includes absolutely everything you'll want to store in your kitchen. Planning a breakfast area in a kitchen remodel Orange County IrvineBreakfast area as part of an Island in a kitchen design & remodel in southern california Breakfast breakfasting in the kitchen is more than a lifestyle choice; often it's the place where the family gathers before leaving home for the day. Plan the location of the table early on when designing your kitchen. Consider the best source of natural light and make sure the spot is out of the traffic route. If you have children, include a breakfast bar in the L-shaped or open-plan layout of your kitchen. An island bench under which stools can be tucked is just as good. But if morning rush hour means breakfast on the run, just allocate a food take out space at the end of a countertop. Planning for a kitchen remodel in Irvine Orange County FridgePlanning & placement of the fridge in a custom kitchen remodel in Orange County Aliso Viejo Cooling Cold food storage is a lynchpin of the modern kitchen. Before you buy a fridge or freezer, look at whether your cooking is focused on fresh foods or convenience foods; how often you freeze meals; and whether you shop daily, weekly or less often. No matter how big or small your fridge/freezer is, make sure it's only a step from the food preparation area and can be easily accessed. And if you want a bigger combined fridge/freezer, remember to allocate enough floor space. Under-the-countertop fridges or ones integrated into the cabinets are less flexible but more discreet. planning & designing Working Station & computer desk in a custom kitchen remodel Planning & designing a working office study desk into kitchen remodelCustom working station study desk in a kitchen remodel & design of orange county california Communications This zone usually evolves by accident, not design. The kitchen is the center of the home, and it's where you chat and leave messages for other household members, so consider the advantages of a dedicated communication station here. Set out of the main traffic route, it's where you can make phone calls in peace and recharge mobiles, receive faxes, use the computer to e-shop, and find keys, shopping lists and school notes in a hurry. A corner spot or a small table is ideal, but remember to factor in the position of power points and cables and storage for disks and stationery. APlus Interior Design and Remodeling is an award winning, Orange County based family owned company that has serviced Orange County for decades. Many of their customers are referrals from previous satisfied customers. APlus Interior Design and Remodeling is a proud member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) with a team of professional interior designers, engineers, and craftsmen.
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