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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Episode 1 - San Clemente Resident Rough Construction Stage by Alex Tabrizi GC,CKD

Hi Everyone,  Here's first episode of another mini series by APlus Interior Design & Remodeling.  This is a beautiful house in city of San Clemente.  We are currently at the Rough construction stage and Alex will be explaining what are the upcoming plans for this job.  Stay tuned for the next stage of this job.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Preliminary Planning & Design by Alex Tabrizi, CKD City of Irvine

Hello everyone, This is a preliminary planning video for a very large remodeling House located in beautiful City of Irvine, Orange County.  Alex Tabrizi CDK, GC Will be going be giving us a tour of the house and explaining the changes & design layout that they have come up with and will be implemented in the this house.  Check it out and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for the next stages of this Project in new future.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Complete House Remodel in City of Lake Forest Mini Series

Hey everyone, here's the second episode of our mini series of a complete house remodel in Lake Forest.



Hello Everyone,  This is a first series of a Complete house remodel in City of Lake Forest.  Chad Louer our Project manager for this job will walk you through the changes that are going to happen in this house.  in few weeks we will show you the finished product.  Thanks for watching.

Start of Our Home Remodel Mini Series

At APlus Interior Design & Remodeling, we’re revolutionizing the way a complete Home Remodel is done.  We have started capturing several mini-series of some of the many projects throughout Orange County.

We want our audience to experience and  understand the detail & effort that is required in order to have a beautiful House remodeled.  Our goal is to educate our audience and show what it takes in order to complete a house remodel from start to finish.  We also like to demonstrate how APlus Interior Design & Remodeling stands out from the rest of the companies across Orange County. 

We look forward sharing this experience with the world and can’t hear your comments and suggestions.