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Monday, April 28, 2014


Residents of Orange County, California love sunny days and a casual lifestyle. Nothing embodies the upscale Southern California lifestyle than a kitchen with white cabinetry.
White Kitchen with custom white cabinets in orange county
The finishing technique used by APlus Interior Design and Remodeling provides a durability that exceeds any finish a do it yourself project can accomplish. When properly cleaned with a mild cleaner and cared for the cabinetry will last through many years to come.White cabinetry opens a world of endless combinations while offering a crisp and clean style. Upscale Orange County homes incorporate white cabinetry in the kitchen and around the home. The versatility that comes from white cabinetry ensures the space will never look dated and offers itself to a constant change in look with the simple change of d├ęcor and accessories.The finishing technique used by APlus Interior Design and Remodeling provides a durability that exceeds any finish a do it yourself project can accomplish. When properly cleaned with a mild cleaner and cared for the cabinetry will last through many years to come.
White custom kitchen cabinets with white countertop orange county
Handle pulls are the considered easier to use and are most functional with people with disabilities where other knobs and handles require a grip to pull open a cabinet door.The overall design of the kitchen depends on the cabinet knobs and handles selected. The knobs and handles influence the appearance and usability of the kitchen. The three main factors one should consider are: functionality, material, and the look. Functionality is the most important factor of handle selection. Ease of use and special needs should be considered when selecting the right handles and knobs. Multitasking is unavoidable when using the kitchen and it can be a more difficult challenge when the wrong handles are selected.
White Kitchen with custom cabinetry
Bar pulls have two attachment points and create a sleek contemporary look.
For a traditional kitchen, drop pulls, ring pulls or pendant pulls that pivot up and down are the ideal selection.
For a traditional kitchen, drop pulls, ring pulls or pendant pulls that pivot up and down are the ideal selection.
Cup door pulls which are door pulls that are enclosed but provide enclosures for fingers rather than a bar are best suited for a transitional or traditional style kitchen.
Cup door pulls which are door pulls that are enclosed but provide enclosures for fingers rather than a bar are best suited for a transitional or traditional style kitchen.
L-Shape Kitchen for Couples
Finger pulls are solely used in contemporary kitchens. Finger pulls extend from the edge of the cabinet and provide aslight thickening in the front that allows easy opening by one or two
White Kitchen Cabinets Orange County
Material selection should be the second priority when narrowing down your selection. The material choice should be durable to withstand years of usage. Handles go through many stressors such as tugging and pulling so the material durability should exceed the anticipated use. Many people choose metal handles due to their resilience towards daily use but there are
many new options available that match or exceed the durability of metals.
knobs & handles for white kitchen orange county
After the handle material and style is selected the third factor should be the look of the handle. This is the essential element of the design since the eye will be naturally drawn to the handles. APlus Interior Design and Remodeling is an award winning, Orange County based family owned company that has serviced Orange County for decades. Many of their customers are referrals from previous satisfied customers. APlus Interior Design and Remodeling is a proud member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) with a team of professional interior designers, engineers, and craftsmen. Here's also an article written by Marilyn Kalfus of OC Register, she also talks about how White kitchen cabinets have becoming trendy recently in Orange County.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Assessing your Kitchen Space: Couples

Career couples may favor a low-maintenance kitchen filled with work-saving devices, which has enough space to entertain comfortably. Consider how often both partners cook together and look at the style of food you enjoy cooking. Ask if you prefer formal or relaxed dinners.
Kitchen Space: Couples Happy Family Two people sharing the kitchen may each have different methods of working. Compile a list of individual preferences and try to keep a flexible design. Carefully organize and plan the remodeling schedule for the kitchen and be sure to calculate an accurate budget for the cost of labor and materials.Carefully organize and plan the remodeling schedule for the kitchen and be sure to calculate an accurate budget for the cost of labor and materials.

One-wall galley kitchen for couples

The paths of two people cooking in a one wall-galley kitchen will inevitably cross. Consider a movable butcher’s block that can be used away from the fixed counters.
One-Wall Galley Kitchen for Couples in Orange County Bear in mind that different height-partners may prefer to work at different height counter levels for food preparation. If you intend to eat together in the kitchen, choose a pull-out table and folding chairs that allow both partners to sit in comfort but can be stored out of sight when not in use. Make sure that there are enough electrical outlets for both partners to use food preparation appliances simultaneously. A sink with an extra half bowl makes good planning sense as it can be used by one person for washing ingredients without monopolizing the main sink. Plan an eye-level microwave in an appliance stack which is easy to reach by both partners and leaves the counter free. If you have planned an eating area at countertop level, wait for the surface to be installed before looking for stools to make sure that they are a comfortable height for both you to sit at without feeling cramped. Choose a window treatment, such as simple shades or shutters, that is easy to open and close by either partner. This way, shade or full sun can be selected without having to stretch or climb up to reach the mechanism, which can be unsafe to do in the kitchen.

Two-wall galley kitchen for couples

Two people cooking at once in a two-wall galley is easier because one can concentrate on preparing the ingredients on one side while the other uses the stovetop and oven on the other side of the kitchen.
Two Wall Galley Kitchen for Couples in Orange County Avoid crossing the other user’s path or standing back to back in a two-while galley by making sure that the utensils needed for food preparation are housed next to the appropriate appliance and that the arrangement of appliances is staggered. A pull-out table that can be locked into position for meals and food preparation is practical in a two-wall galley kitchen. Look for a design that can slide back into a recess between the base cabinets when not in use. When two people use the two-wall galley kitchen at the same time, consider fitting a double sink. This way, each of the sink bowls can be used independently by both people for washing vegetables and fruit, cleaning dishes, or rinsing pans.
Fit wood, stone, and tile flooring before you install the cabinets as the thickness can obstruct the toe-kick and may not fit snugly into uneven areas. In addition, by placing the flooring under the cabinets, the countertop level can be adjusted to a level that is, comfortable for both partners. If there is one main door leading to and from the kitchen, a small window in the door will help prevent accidents by allowing people on both sides to see if someone is in the way.

L-shape kitchen for couples

L-shaped kitchens are ideal for adding a dining area or relaxation area. If you want your partner to join in with the cooking they can; if not, they can still converse from a comfortable distance.
L-Shape Kitchen for Couples L-shaped kitchens have plenty of free countertop space between appliances, especially in the corners. For busy career couples, consider low-maintenance finishes for counters so that you can spend less of your spare time cleaning. If you and your partner like to keep a selection of wines in the kitchen, create a rack at the end of a run of base-cabinets in the awkward space that sometimes cannot be avoided in L-shaped kitchen planning. If you or your partner want to be able to hear each other over the sound of appliances when working in the large floor area of an L-shaped kitchen, choose" soft" flooring materials, such as linoleum and select local-decibel appliances. Fitting a large L-shaped kitchen can be quite an upheaval. If both partners work and one has to take time off to supervise the electricians, plumbers, and the carpenters, set a completion date with the contractor so that you know, from the outset, how long it will take.
Once the table is in place, select a light fitting that can provide some lighting for meals or a brighter beam of light for a person working at the table. A rise-and-fall pendant or a dimmer is easy to install.

U-shape kitchen for couples

Make sure that both partners can reach and remove heavier items stored in cabinets and the deep corners of U-shaped kitchens. Aim to store steps in a tall cabinet for smaller partners to reach high shelving.
U-Shaped Kitchen for Couples in Orange County If you and your partner like to be entertained when working in the kitchen, plan a wall-mounted site for television or audio equipment. Alternatively, the deep corners of U-shaped kitchens make the perfect location for countertop television. If no dining area exists outside the U-shape, attach a folding table to the open walls to seat two to four people. A hot water dispenser is available if either partner works from home as it reduces fuel consumption and is a time-saver; it also keeps counter space free of a kettle. When both partners work, reduce the maintenance of large U-shaped rooms with easy wipe cabinets and hard wearing floors.
If the door opens into a small U-shaped kitchen, reverse the hinges so that when one partner enters the kitchen they do not open the door into the other person working at the counter or using appliances.

Kitchen Island for couples

Decide whether you want the island to function as a food preparation center or if you intend to cook or dine there. Organize storage for tableware, glasses, and flatware near the island to avoid interrupting the cook’s movement.
Kitchen Island for Couples in Orange County If a dishwasher or trash compactor is to be built into the island, choose a model with a low noise level and good sound insulation so meals and conversation will not be disrupted. A low-level counter on the island with built-in electrical outlets set close by makes it possible for one partner to use blenders, grinders, and food processors in one specifically designed area. Plan a space beneath the below-level island counter so that items can be stored away. As several activities are often combined on an island in a shared home, make sure that your choice of surface can withstand heat, spills, and splashes. Remember that good ventilation will make the island and surrounding room comfortable for both partners. Down-draft systems on islands can be problematic to vent successfully. An overhead  hood requires venting to an outside wall and needs installing before any other features.
In large island kitchens, organize two-way lighting switches at both the door and island so that either partner, wherever they are in the room, can control the lighting.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Design Your Kitchen

When you are designing your kitchen, you will need to work out a successful plan that includes your chosen kitchen furniture and appliances. Take ideas from the pictures of kitchens you have collected, then use graph paper and stickers and try out various layouts to find the best one for you. The principles behind good kitchen design are intended to maximize efficiency, function, convenience, and safety. It may seem an impossible task to achieve this goal, especially when there are constraints on space and budget. Whatever the limitations, the time spent at the planning stage will reduce the chances of making costly mistakes that will only need to be fixed at a later date. When you feel confident about your ideas, put them into practice by drawing up the plans. Use the following guidelines to make sure that the kitchen you design is highly efficient, easy, and convenient to use on a daily basis. Draft Drawing Kitchen Design Orange County

Drawing up a plan for kitchen design


It is essential to draw accurate floor plans of the existing room before designing any new kitchen. You will need to take several measurements of the room and transfer them onto the graph paper to make an exact scale plan.

Standing in the center of the room, start by drawing a rough sketch of the floor area, including architectural features or items of furniture that are to remain, Measure the floor area, and note the width and length clearly on the sketch. Next, measure each wall length in turn, working in a clockwise direction, adding the dimensions to the relevant parts of your sketch. Place marks on your plans exactly where the utility points - gas, electrical outlets, and water supply are situated on each wail. You may find a symbol such as a flame for gas, a zigzag for electricity, and a teardrop shape for water useful if one area on the plan is cramped. Drawing up a plan for kitchen design

Wall elevations

You will also need to note wall elevations. Measure the height and width of each wall, then draw a rough sketch, adding details including the windows, doors, built-in bookcases, ventilation outlets, and radiators. Mark each sketch with a letter A, B, and so on. Draw up the elevation to scale on graph paper. Put the corresponding letter against the wall it relates to on the floor plan for reference.

Wall Elevations kitchen design

Structural changes You may feel that the space in your kitchen is limited and restricts your kitchen design. Look at the possibilities of making two rooms into one large one or pushing out a wall to create a light, airy garden room. It will allow greater choice when planning the new kitchen layout, and could provide space for an eating area. Large rooms are ideal for including a “soft’ seating area where everyone can congregate and be safely away from cooking activities. Most remodeling is done within the confines of a budget. But there is no substitute for quality, so consult your architect or remodeling contractor, who will advise on the best way of going about structural changes. It is better to get the basics of building, utilities, and cabinetry absolutely right from the start - you can always upgrade seating and accessories at a later date. Meet budgets by bearing the hidden costs in mind. For example, placing appliances requiring plumbing along one wall will reduce installation costs. Ducting from a hood is also cheaper to install if situated against an outside wall rather than ducted from a stand across the room. - Start by placing the sink cabinet on your kitchen plan (it is usually the longest cabinet) and arrange the dishwasher close by. - Arrange the food preparation area layout. Plan the food preparation area between the sink and cooktop, allowing space for rinsed items to be transferred easily from the sink to the counter and onto the cooktop. - Position the refrigerator within easy reach of the kitchen table or food preparation zone. - If there is space for a separate table, try to locate it near a window so it's exposed to natural daylight. Structural Change Kitchen Design Orange County

Kitchen design shapes

  Whatever the shape of kitchen, it will be more efficient if planned with an understanding of the work triangle. On your plan, mark a point in the center of each activity zone, such as the refrigerator, cooktop, and sink, and draw a line to link them. The triangle may be asymmetrical but ideally, each line should be between 4ft and 9ft long when scaled up to your kitchen's proportions(see below). Kitchen Design Shapes